Carol-Ann's Story

Carol-Ann is internationally acclaimed by her non-fiction academic publications, she is keenly focused on literary fiction. 

She has been published internationally as a sole author for numerous chapters in global university based research handbooks and peer-reviewed scholar articles.  She has co-authored a number of articles with other doctors. 

She has attended numerous conferences worldwide over the last 8 years to mobilize her scientific and ethnographic research.  Recently she has become an editor and published two volumes of a university-based research handbook which has been indexed by Psychology information.  

She was diagnosed with advanced stages of colon cancer in early 2018 and liver cancer in 2021.

Carol-Ann's works boast an eclectic genre of inspirational short-stories, essays, memoirs, and contemporary fiction.  Currently she is working on a youth genre adventure series – a mix of morally based sci-fi drama and adventure.  Her stories are entertaining but often with a purpose to awaken the soul and inspire. 


She shares her life experiences, true stories of what she’s observed.  A common theme in her writing is the emotional depth of everyday life experiences.  Where stories meet adventures. A mixture of courage, adventure, hope and inspiration.  Her stories entertain, empower, and inspire.  A delightful mix.  A walk in the past, awakening life senses and the soul, offering simple yet compelling life stories of hope, endurance, courage, and inspiration.  Unravelling life, one word at a time.