A Star in the Distance: Insightful journey for discovering ways of hearing God’s message in Advent and Christmas 

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Preview of: A Star in the Distance

Do you desire a balanced happy life? 

Start your journey of discovery, to find meaning in your life. “The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world.” (Jn 1:9) When we let God’s pure light into our lives. When we trust God with our plans our lives are transformed to something beautiful. I have gone through the unthinkable, but I never gave up. Take a journey of discovery with a cancer warrior!

Chapter (Hope): In an age where identity matters, people evaluate themselves by how others perceive them. They value properties, their looks, their social media followers, to name a few. Nothing else seems to matter. We live in an age of what I call the great chase. We seemed to be wired for it. We are motivated and conditioned for it, especially with the help of technology and others around us.

Some chase the almighty dollar. Some chase career goals to fulfill their dreams. Like bigger cars, bigger houses, better careers, high paying jobs, designer clothes, rich foods. They even circulate within the right social hierarchy to achieve it. Some chase for the perfect mate. They don’t stop there. Society almost dictates if they are tired of the old model, they just trade it in for a new one. Both things and people. People are never satisfied with one car, one house, one partner. They are not driven by moral values but by societal pressure. 


We live in a fast-paced society full of stress and sickness. We have been programmed to be in a world of convenience – a digital world – debit cards, credit cards, and e-transactions. We’re connected to technology from our phones, computers to social media posts and instant messaging. Emails have replaced letters. Gone are the days of conversations, writing letters, passing the time with neighbors, picnics, barbeques, letting children play outside, and leaving doors unlocked. We’re drifting away from basic principles of trust in people. 

Society has changed dramatically from the era when I grew up. From the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s generations, people lived in challenging times but there didn’t seem to be as much fear. Children were more carefree. People lived simpler and enjoyed life. People looked forward to the next day with expectations of hope. 

Real hope is constant. Hope doesn’t die away. Hope is never ending. Hope is a true belief of knowing and connecting with our holy spirit. Hope is the fire inside of us that ignites that holy spirit which makes hope awesome and wonderful. Hope is strong, not weak. Hope is linked to immeasurable love. For God so loved the world he gave His only Son. Hope is like the wind that propels us forward. Hope represents the cornerstone of our faith; without it we would be in despair.

Hope is linked to the Christmas manger. The Christmas story gives us the meaning of hope, of new beginnings of salvation, because God sent the Holy Spirit to Mary so she could give birth to Jesus Christ. An infant, both human and divine, one with God. Jesus Christ was born, through the Holy Spirit, as a savior to the world. We are searching for awareness – a new birth, a new life to give us hope. 

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"A Star in the Distance” is a profoundly moving and spiritually enriching Catholic Advent daily devotional book that transcends the boundaries of mere literature and delves deep into the realms of faith, hope, and divine inspiration. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, the Advent season offers a precious opportunity to pause, reflect, and draw closer to the divine. A Star in the Distance provides the perfect companion for this sacred journey. Each daily meditation blends timeless insights with the author’s heartfelt testimony of faith, creating a powerful tapestry of spirituality that resonates with readers from all walks of life. What sets this book apart is the author's personal touch.

This beautifully crafted book, authored by Carol-Ann Lane, interweaves inspirational quotes, sacred scripture, and personal insights to guide readers through a transformative Advent experience.

Miriam Westen, MEd, MA Th, MTS (Founder of Catholic News World) 

"A Star in the Distance”

"God never leaves us. People leave God": Lines from Carol-Ann Lane's book. Thus, Lane leads us slowly, by an easy-to-read account of Advent to Christmas, replete with Scripture readings, taking us day by day through the season, seasoned as it is by quotations and contemporary commentary, weaving constantly between Advent and our everyday lives and the beauty of nature, all of which speak of God's opportunities to be with us. Carol-Ann Lane writes throughout, of the dialogue between her plans, life-threatening surgeries, cancer treatments and God, giving the book a powerful anchor in the reality of her life. Lane connects each week of Advent with a gift of God, beginning with Hope, then Peace, going on to Joy and, finally, the Love that never ends, encouraging the reader to enter into this same dialogue of prayer and action. Enjoy joining Carol-Ann on this year's Advent retreat to Christmas, and beyond, to a meditative discipleship!


Francis Etheredge is a catholic author of 17 books found at francisetheredge.online. 

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Do you need hope, joy, or peace in your life? Are you looking for meaning in life? Are you weighed down by burdens? I have surmounted many obstacles in life - and I never gave up. A Star in the Distance - the first foundational book to my devotional series. Start your journey of discovery with me. 

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This bookmark reflects a star. As the shepherds and the wise men searched for hope, they followed the star to find the light of the world - Jesus Christ - who is the light and the life. 

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