Healing Book 2 Release! Finding Life in Forty Days


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Preview of: Finding Life in Forty Days

Do you want to heal

Your journey of discovery began "A Star in the Distance". My foundational healing book which gave you some tools to help you to find meaning in your life. Now just released is the second book in my healing series, "Finding Life in Forty Days". It continues the journey through Lent, Easter, and beyond. My book will be a blessing to anyone who may be experiencing some form of suffering: anxiety, worry, stress, illness, grief, pain from failure, rejections, the list goes on. Anyone who has been a victim of bullying, felt the sting and pain from jealousy, envy, greed, and power. These types of suffering have all of the shadowed remnants of darkness that creep into our lives. It’s evil and if you dwell on it for too long it can destroy your soul. 

I went through the unimaginable – even several careers before that. I was spinning, spinning, chasing, chasing careers, goals, and God said – it’s all wrong. So he sent me a gift – a 360-degree life altering disease. Yes a gift – a blessed gift. Trust in God who will give you back your Life – You deserve it! He will lead you in the right direction. Let God take your worries, your burdens, your pain, your suffering. He will. My book "Finding Life in Forty Days" might just change your life!


What will you give up?  It's time to take back your life - but how? 

The concept of giving up can be challenging because sometimes people are hesitant to give up something that may impact their comfortable way of life. That's OK too because it's your choice. God gives everyone free will. The concept of giving up is also central to my new book just released - it's about giving up something to find meaning and potential fullness in your life. 

Of course, I don’t need to remind you not to give up Hope – We never give up Hope. What I have been sharing so far is giving up on the surface – physical ways – food, time, or activities. These are great. When we give up something for the forty days of lent prior to Easter, many times people focus on a sacrifice at the surface. Maybe it’s easier or maybe they want others to see what they did – so they give up sweets, meat, volunteering, or even spending time on social media. All of those ideas are terrific because – it’s a conscious effort in the right direction. As I said before, it’s a journey which takes time. 

Giving up that darkness will allow you to come into the light, to give you life. I’m reminded of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (Eph. 5.8-9) “For once you were darkness, but now in the Lord you are light. Live as children of light for the fruit of the light is found in all that is good and right and true.”

Giving up the darkness, means allowing yourself to heal. Therefore to heal, keeping in line with the central theme of giving up, I would like to propose that you give up “YOU” or “Self” or “ME”. Wait! What did I just say? Give up on me, but I control my life. I’m self-reliant, I’m an independent thinker, I’m the master of my own destiny and I like it that way! Are you sure that works? Listen up, I am the first to say I never enjoyed being micromanaged. In my life I have always been extremely independent and self-reliant. I handle doing things and I have been very successful trusting myself to accomplish much in my life. How can I change now – and give up on my control, my independence? Who do I propose will control and manage your life – your decision making, everything? My answer is God.

You're joking right? It's hard enough letting a person control me but now you're asking me to give up and let God control me? I can't even see Him.  Remember this is your choice. I know it isn't easy but if you give up control, give up your habit of relying on you, the decision making, and guidance in your life, you will have a different life. 

Post a review for me on Goodreads!

If you have the time, find me on Goodreads to post a comment or a review of my book. Thank-you!! Here is the link to my Goodreads author page: 

**Autographed copies (Regular and Large Print), and my signature crocheted bookmarks will only be available at my book signing events, at my new Square online store or use the Contact Form

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Post a review for me on Goodreads!

If you have the time, find me on Goodreads to post a comment or a review of my book. Thank-you!! Here is the link to my Goodreads author page: 

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Book 2 - "Finding Life in Forty Days" Now Available!

Don't let darkness overshadow your life. Put your armour on! It's time to take back your life. Take a journey with cancer warrior - author Carol-Ann Lane with her new self-healing novel (book 2 of her series): Finding Life in Forty Days - available now on my webpage and or Amazon Author page

• Journey step by step through a self-healing process to conquer emotional vulnerability. 

• Discover ways to rise from the darkness into light. 

• Learn how to heal your soul from past trauma. 

• Learn ways to free yourself of daily worry. • Learn meaningful ways to reflect on God for a happier life balance. 

• Explore ways to renew and restore your life. 

• Learn how to cope with illness, grief, or pain. 

• Discover how the bible guides you in who you really are and your purpose in life. 

The heart bookmark is connected to my latest book, "Finding Life in Forty Days". The heart represents our heart and the importance of healing. The heart also represents the unconditional love Jesus has for us in dying for our sins.