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2025 Youth Fantasy

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Carol-Ann's Story

Carol-Ann was born in Etobicoke, Ontario.  In her early years she was an avid reader and often gathered her thoughts in notebooks.  She enjoyed telling stories to family and friends. She is an observer of life, people and places.  She has travelled to many parts of the world with some adventure added for good measure.   She climbed an 85-foot narrow castle stairway, then at the top and on her back, she hung upside down to kiss a 200-year-old stone.  She walked around and touched 2000-year-old prehistoric stones arranged in a circle. She reached a 763-foot summit of the most famous volcanic crater on earth called Diamond Head.  She crept through a 200-foot volcanic crater wall.  She walked the surface of one of the most active volcanoes in the world, called Kilauea. She walked across a glacier then panned for gold in Alaska. She chased a ghost in an Irish castle.  She encountered a spy and a beggar in Russia.  She got lost in the ruins of Pompeii.  She was blessed and invited by a tribe to visit their uncharted island. In South and Central America, she travelled along the northern tip of the Amazon River and came within inches to the mouth of an alligator.[...]

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I'm humbled...

I was nominated for a 2024 MARTY Award and moved to the finalist level for Emerging Literary Artist.

Two of my Christian devotional book series have now been published. (See Book trailers above, and in Book section). See above for where to purchase my book and book signing events!

In Feb. 2023, one of Carol-Ann's true inspirational short stories was published by Agape Review agapereview.com/2023/02/18/awallofflames/ (Also see Book section).

In 2022, Carol-Ann's ethnographic scientific research was published in two volumes for an International Handbook of Research on Literacy. Her research is now indexed by Psychology Information (see her Book page for more info).  In 2021, Carol-Ann was chosen to be the editor.  

Some exciting news. My Handbook of Research on Acquiring 21st Century Literacy Skills Through Game-Based Learning (2 Volumes) is now featured at the most famous science tech research university in USA. MIT (located in Massachusetts, USA). https://mitpressbookstore.mit.edu/book/9781668449790 

During 2013-2015, with other doctors she was invited to conduct a Canadian study about the moral ethics of biotechnology among elementary and secondary pre-service teachers in conjunction with a university in Spain.  

She has lectured internationally, taught at Canadian universities in undergraduate and post-graduate settings. Carol-Ann earned a Doctor of Philosophy in 2018 from University of Western Ontario. Her research is about cognitive brain development through video game-based learning.  Carol-Ann is a former elementary and secondary school teacher with an Ontario school board for over seven years. An inquisitive nature influenced her career choices including finance, management, law, technology, analytical engineering, journalism, teaching, and even a novitiate.

A committee member on various research groups including Online Teaching and Learning Group (TLT), often collaborating on the role of technology in improving online pedagogy for higher education.

Regular lead technology committee member for annual symposium

Research committee member for planning, developing and implementing the online Professional doctorate degree program

Doctoral seminar chair leading early PhD students

A panel guest for Thames Valley school board

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